Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System

The Application-Aware Storage Advantage


Pillar Data Systems is the first storage vendor to provide a true Application-Aware storage solution. With the Axiom 600, you are able to optimize application performance based on application I/O needs.The Axiom enables sharing of storage resources, CPU, capacity and cache, to best meet your applications’ Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Through our innovative Quality of Service (QoS) software, you are able to differentiate between drive types in the storage pool by selecting the optimal price-performance balance to best meet the requirements of your business applications.

The Axiom 600 is the ideal solution for virtualized infrastructure projects, Oracle databases, Microsoft Exchange deployments, VTL and many others. The Axiom Provides industry-leading capacity utilization without sacrificing performance. With its ability to dynamically provision data and applications, you can consolidate all your storage onto a single system – all while maintaining the performance levels that your business needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Differentiated storage services based on application priority.
  • Innovative modular design; unique QoS software and application profiles allows the Axiom to deliver the highest capacity utilization rates in the storage industry– 80% Guaranteed!
  • Provides the best price-performance balance to meet the requirements of business applications.Through driving industry-leading utilization rates, Pillar delivers more performance and storage capacity per Watt of system power than other “green” storage vendor. In fact, Pillar Data Systems helped define how efficiency in a storage system is measured through our Efficiency Quotient (EQ). For more on EQ, see www.pillardata.com/green/.

The result is more storage for less cost. The Axiom 600system drives down acquisition and operating costs by allowing you to simplify, utilize, and scale.

Simplify Management

With key technology innovations and the industry’s most intuitive storage management user interface, the Axiom can be deployed, provisioned,managed, and maintained easily without special training.No other storage vendor has eliminated the complexity of provisioning tiered storage with varying service levels in a single, integrated system.

Utilize Capacity

. Pillar provides one of the most flexible storage systems in the industry, combining SAN and NAS in a single unified platform with a common storage pool using Solid State (SSD), Fibre Channel (FC) and/or Serial ATA (SATA) drives.

Scale Flexibly and Easily

With explosive data growth and changing application requirements, companies are being forced to re-evaluate their storage infrastructure in order to keep pace with these changes – all while maintaining continuous data availability. Axiom’s modular architecture enables the flexibility to change application priorities,increase capacity and improve performance as your business needs change and grow – all without disruption or difficult migrations.

Pillar in the Enterprise: The Axiom Modular Approach

The Axiom 600 packs some of the industry’s leading-edge technologies into an affordable storage system to meet your mission-critical business needs, maintain your disaster recovery and business continuance, and scale as your business grows. The Axiom 600 platform consists of three main building blocks, each designed for high availability and reliability: the Pilot, Slammer, and Brick.

Axiom Pilot Policy Controller

The Pillar Axiom Pilot policy controller is the management interface for the system. Its simple, graphical management console and AxiomONE™ software enables policy based provisioning with dynamic performance prioritization,fault management, capacity planning, and guided maintenance.

Axiom Slammer Storage Controllers

The Slammer is the storage controller for the Axiom 600.Slammers are completely redundant and consist of dual active/active control units, fans, power, and mirrored cache – everything you’d expect in an enterprise storage system. A single Axiom 600 can support up to four Slammers allowing you to add storage processing power without having to purchase another system. The Axiom600 grows with you as your storage needs grow; without introducing additional management points, extra software licenses, or costly downtime to replace the system.

Pillar offers multiple series of storage controllers to best meet the needs of your business and applications. The Axiom 600 Slammer Series 1 has dual-core processors and supports up to 24GB cache. The Axiom 600 Slammer Series 2 has quad-core processors and double the cache provider an increase in IOPS and throughput over the Slammer Series 1. You now have the flexibility to mix and match Slammers to provide additional distinct QoS by further differentiating application I/O workloads and segregating application performance as your business changes.

Axiom NAS Slammer:

Provides multi-node file services and supports the most popular host operating systems supporting CIFS and NFS file protocols, as well as value added features such as Link Aggregation, Automatic Recovery Options, user authentication: NIS/NIS+, WindowsPDC, Active Directory and Native locking schemes,and cross-platform lock enforcement. Also included is Secure Wormfs that delivers cost-effective, scalable, non-erasable storage for fixed content by delivering Industry accepted Write Once, Read Many (WORM) technology.

Axiom Fibre Channel SAN Slammer:

Offers high-performance block-level storage connectivity with four external I/O connections supporting up to 4 Gigabits per second data rate. Supports multi-tiered application requirements,from mission-critical, high-performance to low-performance consolidated storage applications.

Axiom iSCSI SAN Slammers:

Provides cost effective SAN connectivity over an Ethernet network at full wire speed, allowing customers to leverage existing ethernet network resources and expertise. Supports all Axiom configuration and dynamic provisioning features, Internet Storage Name Server (iSNS), and iSCSI Network Boot Protocol (iNBP).

Axiom Combination Fibre Channel/iSCSI Slammer:

Support four Fibre Channel ports and four iSCSI ports,or four iSCSI ports for dedicated iSCSI applications.An iSCSI Field Upgrade kit is also available to convertan existing SAN Slammer into a Fibre Channel/iSCSI combination Slammer.

Axiom Brick Storage Enclosure

Pillar offers Brick storage enclosures with a range of drive types to support your business needs. Bricks are available with SSD, FC, and SATA, allowing multiple Brick types to be used in the Axiom 600 to meet your budget andperformance demands. We broke the “two controllers do it all” model by moving the RAID controllers out of the storage processor into the Brick – eliminating performance bottlenecks. Each Brick contains two RAID controllers,so as you add more Bricks to expand your capacity,the additional RAID controllers you need will automaticallybe added, further improving overall performance.Since each RAID controller in the Axiom manages at most six drives, we are able to offer twice the industry average capacity utilization rates without any performance impact.

Each SSD and SATA Brick supports 13 drives; each FC Brick will support up to 12 drives.

SATA Brick:

Provides highly-available storage with two RAID controllers to manage 12 drives, supporting RAID 5 and RAID 10. The thirteenth drive is a shared hot spare that may be accessed by either controller in case of failure.

FC Brick:

Delivers highly-available, high-performance storage. Two RAID controllers manage 12 drives and support RAID 5 and RAID 10.

SSD Brick:

Provides the highest drive performance tosupport I/O intensive applications. Two RAID controllers manage 12 drives with the thirteenth drive being shared hot spare that may be accessed by either controller incase of failure.