Managed IT: your one stop IT solution

Our IT management services take the worry out of your technology so you can focus on other aspects of your business. We have put together several different managed services to help keep your computers running smoothly.

Managed services we offer:

Picture of business lady in Las Vegas with managed IT solutions

  1. Security Patch Management – Let us make sure that newly released patches don’t cause more problems than they fix. We will test and research new patches, when they have passed the tested and deemed reliable we will install them on all your computers.
  2. Server Monitoring – We can monitor your servers for any problems. We will be notified immediately if any of your servers go down.
  3. Desktop Agent – We can track all computer assets in your company. Keep an accurate inventory of software licenses and hardware. We will maintain your anti-virus and spyware removal.
  4. Network Monitoring – Let us keep your network running smooth. Monitoring your network for abnormal traffic can prevent network outages. We also will maintain firewalls to keep people out of your network and keep your company information secure.

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT Services include a wide range of services that businesses can subcontract to a Managed IT Service Provider. This benefits businesses because not only do Managed Services help businesses easily maintain their IT systems without need for in house specialists, they free up resources for use towards client satisfaction. The benefit of contracting a Managed IT Service Provider rather than relying on non-specialist employees is that Service Providers have insight to possible IT issues that can easily be avoided yet cause problems for a business’s clients including financial losses; this is especially true in medium to small businesses with scarce resources. It is important to allocate available resources strategically in order to achieve the best results possible.