Picture of man using secure cloud storage system in Las Vegas

What is the Cloud?

Making sure your files are available whenever you may need them is pertinent to your business’s livelihood; this is why having cloud data storage and backups makes sure your data remains safe and retrievable should anything happen to your system. Your business information is important, make sure to safeguard your client data, and other important files. 

Cloud services are internet based data and software sharing services mainly used by businesses for multi-user data sharing and communication. Cloud solutions do not require added software’s or installations; best of all, it doesn’t matter how small or large your company is, the internal organization cloud services offer accommodates to any size company. Cloud technology has become a necessity; even small businesses benefit greatly from the having cloud services take over their data storage and backup needs.

Relax in the Cloud

Don’t make it easy for unauthorized others to access your information. With our Cloud Services, you can relax knowing your files will be secure. Save time and money by paying for data plans that you don’t need, Integra gives you the option of choosing how much data you will need, and helping you with the setup up process.

Cloud Training for Your Business

Unlike most Cloud Service Providers, Integra makes sure to properly train your staff so they understand how access files.  No more sending emails into a vast black hole, never to hear a reply, or calling and leaving voicemails to automated answering machines that possibly are never heard by a technician; Integra will provide you with real face to face IT support should any problems arise