Asterisk VOIP – Business Phone Line Services in Las Vegas

Having the latest in inter-office communications can make or break a business. Asterisk VOIP phone systems can help to simplify the flow of information and coordinate your employees, customers, and business prospects easily and effectively.

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VOIP phone services are the optimum phone system for use in your office, offering a range of telephones as well as digital desksets, wireless handsets, and advanced IP-based software. All of this combines to make for the most versatile office communication system on the market- even allowing you to dial from your desktop of Microsoft Outlook program.

Asterisk is a complete PBX system . Running on Linux and providing all of the features you would expect, it also manages voice-over IP in three protocols, and can inter-operate with almost all standard-based telephone equipment using relatively simple hardware. Voicemail services, an essential part to office record-keeping and customer service, are of course also included with Asterisk.

VOIP Phone Services in Las Vegas

Setting up an Asterisk VOIP system is simplicity in itself. Needing no additional hardware or IP, Asterisk easily interconnects with your existing digital and analog telephone devices. The VOIP system supports all of the hardware manufacturedny Digium, Asterisk’s sponsor. Digium has single and quad span T1 and E1 interfaces for interconnection to PRI lines and channel banks as well as a single port FXO card and a one to four-port modular FXS card.

AsteriskTM supports a wide range of TDM protocols for the handling and transmission of voice over traditional telephony interfaces. AsteriskTM supports US and European standard signalling types used in standard business phone systems, allowing it to bridge between next generation voice-data integrated networks and existing infrastructure. AsteriskTM not only supports traditional phone equipment, it enhances them with additional capabilities.