Outsource your Medical Billing to Integra

Picture of relieved hospital staff with outsourced medical billing

Take the burden of medical billing off your busy staff and work with our professionals whose only job is to work for you to take care of this time-consuming and often frustrating task.

Integra is proud to offer local, professional, dedicated medical billing services to practices in Las Vegas and beyond.  Our trained staff are available full time so that you get fast, accurate and reliable results.

Our billing process is completely transparent to you, the client.  You will receive your own login and full access to your records, so that you can check on your billing status, review reports or run inquiries at any time.  In addition, we provide regular reports and weekly live contact with your billing agent.  Your agent will work with you to ensure high quality and timely results.  Our staff are fully trained in a variety of specialties to ensure accuracy and efficiency.  We’ll help reduce errors and duplications and streamline your billing process to improve your overall results. We track your claims status and follow through as needed to ensure accurate and on-time payments to you to improve your cash flow.

As healthcare IT specialists, Integra’s medical billing staff is fully trained in and conversant in the changes happening in medical billing due to the HITECH and EMR/ARRA requirements.   We will help you make the transition smoothly as well.  We support McKesson Medisoft and a wide variety of other medical billing systems.

We also offer medical billing software solutions as well as installation and training that meet EHR/EMR standards.

Let Integra’s Medical Billing staff specialists cure your medical billing headaches today.