Healthcare IT Support in Las Vegas

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There are many companies that offer Healthcare IT Support and Software, but Integra IT Solutions offers full-service Local Las Vegas Healthcare IT Solutions providing everything your hospital and/or clinic will need to transform its current paper-based system into an efficient electronic-based dream, meet your “meaningful use” requirements and qualify for your EHR reimbursement funds. other companies will simply sell you what you ask for and leave you to figure out how to implement it into your practice.  You won’t find cold nonchalance with Integra; since Integra is a local Healthcare IT provider we have the ability to not only give you personal time and attention when it comes to choosing the software solutions that are right for your practice, we also make sure to properly install it and train your staff to effectively use the medical software.

Healthcare IT Solutions Las Vegas

Integra IT Solutions understands that simply having the right software isn’t enough. We manage your project from beginning to end, including selecting the right hardware and software for your practice or clinic.  To start, we never mark up the cost of computer hardware – we pass our savings along to you.  We help you select the most appropriate and qualified healthcare software package for your size and practice type.  Then, proper integration and training is key to a successful system changeover.  And, we continue to support you until you have met and documented the Federal EHR meaningful use standards and qualified for and received your reimbursement funds.

Our services include:

We want you to get the most out of your software investment and are sure that you do, too.

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